Projects We Love - Bolon.

Magazine creation and content

Projects We Love is the Swedish flooring company Bolon’s annual magazine. It’s a custom publishing project for which I do the art direction, design and content together with Tack Studio, who is writing, and is my creative partner together with the Bolon marketing team.

Our goal is to bring out the design credentials that lie behind Bolon’s innovating brand and package it in an editorial way. It’s an inspirational product targeting the designers, partners, sales, architects and anyone else that wants to be inspired. It’s important for us to communicate the brand vision not only by showing the products, but also by telling Bolons story in a tailor-made and passionate way.

The design and typography are two of the key ingredients that define the magazines look but what's also important is to make the magazine visually interesting and bring about strong visual ideas through to implemenation which I do together with teams of stylists, photographers and other creatives. For the 2017 issue I was also assigned to create a new logotype for the magazine.

We work across the boarders, the Bolon team is situated in Ulricehamn, Tack Studio in London and me in Stockholm.
As always, team work is key, and I think I can speak for everyone... this is for sure a project we love.

Below are photos from the magazine shot by Marcus Lawett, Tobias Regell (portrait of Jean Nouvel) and Super Studio. The fourth image is from the story Material Toolbox, created by Bolon designer Petra Lundblad, styled by Tina Hellberg and idea by me, the images are also concept images for Bolon's new rug collection 2017.

New work for H&M Home.

Season Material Spring 2017

I love my job as a consultant art director, it doesn’t really matter if I work for smaller or bigger companies, I always love what I do but I must admit that this job was really creative and fun. I was assigned to do the Season Material for Spring 2017 that will be in stores for approximately 18 weeks worldwide this spring. We also did catalogue images and online material. My job as an art director is to come up with the idea, set the mood, style, framing, choose the location, select and suggest the team that can create commercial, inspiring and intriguing images according to the brief in the best possible way – together with me and the client, in this case H&M Home. My responsiblity is to see that everything in the brief (the idea, the images and the story) is covered, that the job is top notch and stringent, and without a good team that is not possible, of course. The brief was to enhance elegance and a tone-in-tone look to the spring products in a modern way.

This time around the perfect team was stylist Lotta Agaton and photographer Pia Ulin, with great production by The Lab. We had the luck to be able to shoot at a fab location in Copenhagen that gave the story a suitable light and feel.

Launch of new art prints.

Dark Edition

After almost a two year break from having a webshop and creating graphic prints, I decided to relaunch the webshop and make a new collection of limited fine art prints called Dark Edition. A collection with a few items only, six different motifs in two sizes, made in a very small edition. Dark Edition is not only a collection of fine art prints, it's also a creative collab between Melo and me, two independent and small Swedish design brands that share the ambition to create timeless products – in terms of aesthetics, design and quality.  The idea of a collab started in a very classical Swedish way – over a fika between the two designers me and Sara Medina Lind and it led to the decision to create two separate collections but with the ambition to aline one another in an intriguing way. A meeting between Melo’s minimalistic furnitures and my graphic and characteristic prints.

Dark Edition is my eight collection of graphic fine art prints. This time I have created a graphic collection with a 70's look in saturated tones inspired by the feeling of being free which for me means being close to the ocean, watching the sunset on a beach, listening to the soothing sound of the ocean waves, observing flying birds that are heading to a new continent without any given destination.

For more info about the prints, please visit the shop (click on the shop icon in the top menu). The images below are photographed by Sara Medina Lind, and shot in my home. The concept images are styled by Amanda Rodriguez.

The Shop

The Sunset Strip
Art print 70x100 cm

Full Moon Doodle_Mini_Gray
Art print 30x40 cm

Art print 50x65 cm

Flower Hat Jelly
Art print 70x100 cm

Ailes Volantes
Art print 50x65 cm

Full Moon Doodle_Mini_Beige
Art print 30X40 cm

Black Moon
Art print 50x65 cm

Therese Sennerholt is an art director, graphic designer and creative consultant.
She specializes in advertising, editorial and branding assignments, working with everything
from concept through to execution for small or large scale companies on project basis.
The goal is the help brands create and develop a strong sustainable visual and graphic identity.
Her passions are design, typography, interior, photography, fashion and art.

Therese is also the head designer for her own brand for which she creates 
fine art prints that are sold worldwide. Dark Edition is her eight collection of prints.
This time she has created a graphic collection with a 70's look in saturated tones.

The collection is offset printed on sustainable paper in a small
limited edition of 20, 50 and 100. All motifs are signed and numbered.

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Vikingagatan 16 
113 42 Stockholm 
+46 708 554318 

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